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Winter projects for needy families in Lebanon

Arsal Region (Needy families) Distributions

Child Appeal Charity intensifies its efforts in the winter season to help families of children in need, as their need for food and heating increases in the severe cold. Child appeal implemented a project to distribute food baskets in the Arsal region in Lebanon, in coordination with life for Relief and Development. One hundred poor and needy families who live in refugee camps in harsh and difficult conditions have benefited from this project.
To preserve the health of the children and to protect them from the severe cold that occurs in that region, the Foundation also distributed heating materials to families living in tents, as the Arsal region is characterized by its extreme cold and heavy snow in the winter.

Borj Al-Barajneh Distributions

It is worth noting that the need in Lebanon extended to many parcels, and the Child Appeal distributed food baskets to 100 needy Syrian and Palestinian refugee families in the suburbs of Beirut, in addition to dozens of poor Lebanese families.
The Child Appeal Foundation also focuses its efforts on helping children in all areas of its work and seeks to protect them from hunger, cold, and disease. The association monitors the poorest and most vulnerable families of children and orphans and works to help them through its seasonal projects.

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