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ABOUT Child Appeal

About Our Charity

Who we are?

Our Vision:

Based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) our vision is to have a world where every child, regardless of their circumstances, have access to a safety live, education and opportunities to grow.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide orphaned, vulnerable and war victims children with basic needs, education, stable environments, emotional support, and opportunities for adoption and family support , while advocating for their rights and protection from harm we strive to promote dignity, compassion and the values of humanitarianism. 


Children we Helped since August 2021


Children benefit regularly from the monthly orphan sponsorship program

Child Appeal principles:

  • We rely, in our approach, on the United Nations Charter for Children and the International Convention on the Rights of Children as a basis for the work of the Child Appeal. The adoption of all relevant international standards and benefit from the experience of many years in the international field to move the association from a local association to an international association.
  • We adopt the basic principles of international humanitarian action. (humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, transparency, unity and universality). In order to achieve security and protection for all eligible children in a way that guarantees a fair distribution of services and the quality of service provided to them because they deserve the best.
  • Belief in our goals and work hard to achieve them.
About Child Appeal

About our organization (who we are)

Child Appeal is a non-profit, neutral and independent organization that performs a purely humanitarian mission. It contributes to the promotion of the dignity of poor children in general but orphans and children with disabilities in particular. Child Appeal provides them with assistance and contributing to the development of their educational and professional abilities, in order to ensure a better future for them. It also strives to avoid suffering by disseminating the international humanitarian values and principles.

It was founded in 2021 by a group of specialists in the humanitarian action, child protection and women’s empowerment. In order to create a healthier environment for children in their families and communities. The need to establish Child Appeal stemmed from the fact that many people live in painful at the present time. Due to the armed conflicts and natural disasters that leave behind many victims and affected people, in which the children are the most prominent victims who are in need of protection, care and support.

However, at the same time, children are the group that most able to adapt to circumstances. Therefore their chances remain greater if they receive adequate support and real help. So that they can overcome the crisis with minimal losses. Rather, it is very possible with this support to turn their crisis into an opportunity for success and advancement.

In order to achieve the best results. Child Appeal intends to work on building a network of partnerships and supporters from institutions and individuals interested in child issues and working for children.

In addition, one of our most important priorities is the child protection and combating gender-based violence and violence against children. Therefore, we are working to strengthen our partnership with organizations working in protection. Therefore, Child Appeal places child protection issues at the top of the priorities and works to disseminate awareness during the implementation of its programs and interventions. In order to reduce these violations against the children as much as it could and wherever it operates.

Child Appeal work areas:

Child Appeal work’s areas include the Middle East and Africa, and within these areas it focuses its work in Syria, refugee camps in southern Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine and Yemen.

It is likely to extend in the future its work to other countries outside the Middle East and Africa, wherever the poor and marginalized children appeal for help.

Child Appeal values:

Child Appeal Values

Child Appeal policy:

  • Assessing and identifying the needs and priorities using modern and scientific methods for that.
  • Proper and careful planning and setting goals and objectives.
  • Implementing the plans and the projects with precision and accuracy.
  • Monitoring the implementation of projects during all their stages.
  • Evaluate the performance and the results and share them transparently with all supporting partners.