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Child Appeal provides support to more than 5 thousand children

In a step that reflects its commitment to supporting children in need in its areas of work, the Child Appeal implemented its latest project. This project benefited more than five thousand children in conflict areas and deprived areas.

Child Appeal provides support to more than 5 thousand children. As the association distributed milk in addition to children’s meals and diapers, the association seeks to support the most affected children in these areas. This is done by providing them with the necessary care and support.

These efforts reflect the association’s commitment to helping vulnerable groups and improving their quality of life. This is achieved by providing projects and programs that meet their basic and humanitarian needs.

Milk is an urgent need for children: What is the importance of providing it to deprived children?

The World Health Organization affirms the right of every infant and child to good nutrition, by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Undernutrition accounts for 45% of child deaths, which is worrying. Many children, including 52 million children under the age of five, suffer from wasting, 17 million children suffer from severe wasting, and 155 million children suffer from stunting. In addition, 41 million children face weight problems such as overweight or obesity.

Statistics also show that about 40% of infants in the age group of 0 to 6 months are exclusively breastfed. Moreover, few children have access to safe complementary foods and nutritionally adequate food, reflecting the need to promote healthy nutrition for children around the world.

What are the benefits of milk for children?

One of the most important benefits is providing a good percentage of calcium. Milk is a rich source of this substance, which is necessary to strengthen their teeth and bones. This plays a crucial role in their growth period. Milk also contains other essential minerals that naturally promote bone growth, making it an important choice during the growth period.

In addition, drinking milk promotes the health of the eyes, nerves, and muscles. It contains vitamin A, which enhances eyesight, and vitamin B, which contributes to the health of muscles and nerves. It also contains protein, which increases the body’s energy and promotes muscle health.

Milk protects against obesity as it’s a rich source of protein, keeping children feeling full and reducing their cravings for fatty and sugary snacks.

Drinking milk also helps in rehydrating the body and serves as a convenient option for meeting daily fluid needs. It can be easily enjoyed as a snack or paired with oatmeal and breakfast cereal.

Moreover, milk enhances heart health, regulates blood pressure, and promotes dental hygiene. It contains phosphorus and calcium, essential for strengthening teeth and maintaining their health. Regular milk consumption forms a protective layer, preventing the loss of essential minerals and averting tooth decay.

Importance of Diapers in Child Care and Hygiene

  In addition, diapers are considered an essential element in the care of young children, as they play an important role in protecting them from pollutants and maintaining their cleanliness. Diapers offer a protective barrier, preventing fluid and waste leakage, thus maintaining the child’s skin dry and healthy. Moreover, they reduce the risk of skin infections and irritations resulting from direct contact with waste. Additionally, diapers play a role in maintaining cleanliness in public areas and homes by containing waste and preventing the spread of unpleasant odors. In general, the use of diapers contributes to providing a clean and healthy environment for children, which helps them grow and develop safely and comfortably.

The efforts of Child Appeal continue to help children in need in conflict areas and deprived areas. You can contribute to the projects by donating Donate now. We thank everyone who contributed to implementing previous projects and helping children in need.

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