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returns refugee children to school
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Child Appeal returns 120 refugee children to school

Child Appeal Believe in the importance of education in improving the lives of individuals. The Association returns 120 refugee children to school in Lebanon to their schools and takes care of all their personal and educational expenses.
As these children were at risk of dropping out of school. Those children are absent from school for at least two or three days a week because they work to earn their livelihood and help their families with expenses. In Lebanon, where the situation is getting worse for people day after day due to the economic crisis and the high cost of living, refugee families are suffering.
The latest statistics raise concern, as the rate of working children in the world has risen to 160 million children, according to UNICEF, with nearly nine million in the past four years. More than half of these working children are in the age group between five and eleven years.
Contribute with us to help these children, and save them from the material destitution that harms their future and drags them into the unknown.
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