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Winter in Refugee camps
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Winter in Refugee camps

Winter knocked on the doors of this year today, heralding the start of a season of frost, cold, and rain in various regions of the Middle East. The first thing that comes to our minds, is the amount of goodness that falls from the sky. Because the wells and rivers are fed from the rainwater, and the snow is stored on the top of the mountains for subsequent seasons.

While others think of winter differently, as they sit under their tents with their children, hoping that the tent will not fall on their heads, or that water will enter the tent and wet the young children and their covers. Winter leaves them every year in tragedies of the cold without shelter, food, or heating.

How do children live during the Winter in Refugee camps?

Refugee camps are exposed to the effects of rain, snow, floods, and strong winds every year. Many children in the camps also die during the cold waves. Reports emerge that infants soon die from the extreme cold and rain that invade their tents. The cold wave that hit a camp in northern Syria caused the death of two infant girls, one was less than seven days old, and the other two months old.

Refugees live in camps that lack the minimum necessities of living. Especially during the winter, without heating or even shelter, when tents collapse over the heads of their occupants due to the sliding of the soil beneath them, or the accumulation of snow on top of them, or because of the winds that uproot them from their roots.

All this and more, as children in the camps, suffer from emaciated bodies that cannot withstand the cold. The global economic crisis caused an increase in the unemployment rate. Many families were included below the poverty line, and therefore most of the poor and refugee families currently depend on humanitarian assistance without regular financial income. Which threatens the food and health security of children in poor and refugee families.

Child Appeal initiatives

Child Appeal Charity strives to protect children in the Middle East through its projects that aim to help them and their families in the winter season. Through winter clothing projects, distribution of blankets and firewood for heating, and other winter projects that help them get through the winter season with the least possible damage to their health and security.

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