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Child labour: The children of the Future are working on the street

“The children of the future are the men and women of tomorrow,” a phrase we used to hear all the time, and we may not always go deep into what we hear, but it is a sentence that carries a great meaning that expresses the future of a nation and people on a large scale.

Children’s childhood reflects their lives near and far. Perhaps striving, strength and effort are good qualities, but when you are in an unpleasant environment, the consequences of future disasters come.

The great difficulties experienced by poor and orphaned children deprive them of their most basic rights, to what is worse for them.

Children and work are a never-ending history

Child labour is not a new problem, but it always appears whenever the economic situation worsens in a particular country, or when wars and political conflicts erupt in a particular region.

The children sacrifice due to the life-changing, difficult economic situation, forced dropping out of schools, and their entry into the labor market.

The rate of working children in the world has risen to 160 million, according to UNICEF, by nearly 9 million in the past four years. More than half of these working children are in the age group between 5 and 11 years. Also, a huge number of them are engaged in dangerous work that could harm their health, safety, or morals.

Why do children work?

Several reasons fall into the river of child labour. For example:

-Poverty: Poverty is one of the strongest motives that push children under the responsibility of engaging in early work. Many working children are forced to work because they have lost their father or because he is unable to afford their needs.

– The poor economic situation in the country: The economic indicator of countries expresses their economic comfort and well-being, and therefore children in the country get their share of either this economic prosperity or poverty.

-Wars and Conflicts: Wars and conflicts have recently escalated greatly in the region, claiming the lives of many children and pushing others to emigrate, work and drop out of school…

-Ignorance: Many parents do not realize the importance of education in building a high standard for their children’s future lives. These days, many families still do not believe in the importance of education and do not care about the education of their children. Some of them enroll their children in schools for a few years and then take them out to work. They choose to drop their children from school to work for a few dollars, unaware of the disaster they are committing against their children.


How does work affect children?

Successive violations affect children in the labour market, as working children do not work in well-equipped companies, not even in healthy and comfortable working conditions.

Employers take advantage of this category of children to work for them because they accept so little.

Children work in extremely harsh conditions without securing access to low protection. Many children are exposed to sexual harassment from their employers and continue to work for them for fear of losing their livelihood.

 In addition to other things that they may be exposed to like theft, kidnapping, sexual assault, or psychological damage. Contacting adults and learning the street language, profanity, and many other things that harm their childhood and put them in an environment that is not suitable for their age.

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