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Winter Relief Project for the refugees children in Lebanon

It is no longer a secret to anyone that the economic situation in Lebanon has reached its worst level.

The crisis has weighed heavily on residents of all nationalities, including Syrian and Palestinian refugees alike. The massive rise in prices constitutes a real living crisis and a serious weakness in the purchasing power of the vast majority of the population.

This crisis exacerbates the difficulties experienced by Syrian and Palestinian refugees alike. In addition to the difficult humanitarian conditions that they have been suffering from throughout the years of their asylum, the economic crisis has worsened their suffering and conditions.

In order to help the vulnerable families, Child Appeal has carried out a project called “A Winter Relief Project for the refugees Children in Lebanon” that aimed to help many refugee children and orphans in Lebanon. It provided food basket to 165 refugee families, in addition to a number of winter blankets, and electric heaters to help them overcome the cold winter. Hence, 330 children received winter clothes. The project covered also some poor Lebanese families.

However, refugees and children in Lebanon need more and more support and sustainable development projects.


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