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“Child Appeal” visits refugees camps in southern Turkey

Syrian refugees who live in refugees camps in southern Turkey are suffering from difficult conditions, as many families lack the lowest standards of the basic requirements for living, which makes them in constant need of assistance on all psychological, social and living levels.
These bad conditions create an unsafe environment for the children and reflect negatively on their development, especially those who have lost one or both parents during the conflict.
Thus, the Child Appeal initiative was carried out to help Syrian families in refugee camps near the Turkish-Syrian border, to afford a decent life for their children.
The initiative included disbursing cash vouchers to 100 orphaned families living in tragic economic and living conditions in the Hatay camps, as emergency aid to enable them to repair their homes or temporary tents and provide some of their basic needs.
The Child Appeal team also conducted a field visit to a large number of orphan families to assess their urgent needs so that they could be registered as beneficiaries of development projects that the charity intends to implement later in cooperation with its partners from various humanitarian institutions. During these visits, food baskets and blankets were distributed to several families.

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