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Child Appeal launches a humanitarian campaign in Gaza

During the “Child Appeal” humanitarian campaign in Gaza Strip, when we provided health assistance to the wounded, the sick, and pregnant women, the association’s main focus was on supporting the health sector. We discovered that there is a huge number of displaced people facing an urgent need for assistance and support. Tens of thousands of displaced people live without shelter and food supplies, and face extreme cold without tents or clothing to protect them.

The association responded to this urgent need by preparing and providing hot meals in cooperation with the hospital administration. We provided these meals to tens of thousands of patients, medical staff, the wounded, and the displaced inside hospitals. The association was also able to help thousands of families by providing winter clothes to protect against the harsh winter cold, as we provided clothes for women, men, and children.

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humanitarian campaign

However, the need remains huge, beyond the capacity of any institution or country and people need more humanitarian campaign. The war, which has been going on for more than 100 days, is taking its toll on all aspects of life in the Strip. As it is not allowed to bring essential aid into the Gaza Strip, whether medicines or foodstuffs, because it is not allowed to cross through the Rafah crossing. This makes the humanitarian situation in the Strip even more difficult, as children and women in particular cannot obtain the lowest standards of living.

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