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Child Appeal provides health care during the war in the Gaza Strip

Child Appeal provided a group of vital medical supplies to the hospitals of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, from October to December 2023. Four ambulances were provided to different hospitals (Abu Youssef Al-Najjar Hospital, Nasser Medical Hospital, and European Hospital in Khan Younis in Rafah.

These vehicles are specifically designed to transport the sick and injured individuals within the Gaza Strip. One of these vehicles has been assigned to transport cancer and dialysis patients who face challenges in moving between hospitals or returning to their homes, particularly after the evacuation of a large number of patients under challenging circumstances.
During the war, over 100 ambulances were destroyed which led to a significant shortage in the number of vehicles. As a result, ambulances were used to compensate for this shortage and relieve pressure on the health transportation system for the injured, especially in the southern Gaza Strip. Additionally, support projects were initiated to aid the health sector. This included providing necessary medicines for surgeries, and treatments after surgeries, as well as medicines to aid in recovery and combat diseases, wounds, and infections.

Many sick and wounded individuals, particularly children and women, have benefited from thousands of projects that have contributed to the provision of medical care. The association has also supported the health sector by providing modern medical equipment, such as respirators and devices for detecting wounds, internal diseases, and internal bleeding. Medical beds have been made available to meet the growing needs of the wounded, and medical tents have been provided for containment and care. These efforts have helped to provide a proper place to treat patients and host them inside hospitals during tough times.

The medical initiatives and contributions have been very effective in easing the pressure on the health sector in the southern Gaza Strip. This area lacks all the necessary materials for treating the injured due to the blockade and the refusal to allow the entry of essential items, such as food, medicine, and other supplies.

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