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Child Appeal is embarking on creating safe and child-friendly spaces

Child Appeal (as part of its series of projects aimed at protecting children and creating a safe environment for them) is implementing the first project of its kind, “Safe and child-friendly spaces” in Syria.
This project aims to create a safe play space for children by preparing a garden for them. The garden meets the conditions of protection for children, through a special floor, a protective fence, and special, safe, and age-appropriate games.
This comes to provide a Safe and child-friendly spaces and play area that protects him from the dangers of falling and injuries that often occur in random play areas. Many areas contain remnants of war surrounding refugee camps in conflicted areas.

This project is implemented in a refugee camp in northern Syria of 350 square meters in the Idlib Governorate.
Where children have been lacking the minimum necessities of luxury for a long time.
It is noteworthy that the Child Appeal is working on implementing child protection projects in several different regions, including Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, and other conflict areas, to provide a safe environment for children.

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safe and child-friendly spaces

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