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“Child Appeal” is Helping Orphans Return To School

Child Appeal Charity implements the “helping orphans return to school” project to return children who have dropped out of school.

Child Appeal implemented “helping orphans return to school” project  for orphans who have dropped out of school to their schools. In addition, to take care of their educational and family financial needs. As a result of the difficult conditions they suffer from.
The project aims to return 60 orphan children who dropped out of school.  The orphans that were forced to work to secure their family’s daily needs after the death of the breadwinner. Child Appeal will pay for their families for a year to ensure the children’s return to school.
This project is the first of its kind to be implemented in the Gaza Strip. To enable drop-out children to return to school. The first phase of the project has been completed. Besides, arrangements are underway for the next steps which target a wider segment of these needy children.

The children expressed their great happiness at returning to school. Especially in light of the misery and uncertainty of the future that they suffer from, as a result of their harsh conditions.
However, the work is also underway to implement the project in other countries, such as Lebanon, where Child Appeal is preparing to launch the first phase of this project.
This project aims to save the educational future of children, as well as support many important projects that the association is working on in the field of child protection.
It is noteworthy that the Child Appeal is an association specialized in the field of child protection. It was established in Turkey to create a safe environment for children in conflict and war zones.

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