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Child Appeal help the children affected by the earthquake

Child Appeal implements relief projects in the areas affected by the earthquake that occurred in southern Turkey on the first of February this month.

How does Child Appeal help the children affected by the earthquake?

Child Appeal receives a truck loaded with aid from OCHA

Child Appeal received a truckload of food provided by OCHA and distributed to families affected by the earthquake. It is worth noting that Child Appeal joined OCHA last year.

  The Foundation also continues to help children wherever they are in its work areas and is very interested in protecting them from want, poverty, and disease at all levels.

  It is no secret that the great catastrophe attacked millions in southern Turkey and northern Syria, especially the children, whose number exceeds seven million in those regions.

Recreational activities project for children in northern Syria:

And in its endeavor to alleviate the psychological suffering of the children affected by the earthquake. However, most of the children lost part of their family, friends, or home…

  This makes the psychological damage caused by this earthquake very great, especially for the children who witnessed the disaster and are still suffering.

  Under the title “There must be a life in the rubble”, the Child Appeal Foundation is implementing social and entertainment activities for children in a school in northern Syria. The recreational activities include drawing, playing, sports, distributing toys, etc… in partnership with OCHA, which provided games and entertainment materials through UNICEF.


contribute with us trough the direct response campaign ‘s link

Emergency Response Campaign for the Families of Earthquake Victims in Turkey and Syria

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