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Children affected by the Turkish earthquake need urgent support

The damage to the children in the areas hit by the devastating earthquake in southern Turkey and northern Syria continues for 11 days until now. Suffering represents the lack of everything their basic needs, and the warning is loud to an urgent support.

  The number of children living in the earthquake zones reaches 7 million, distributed between 4.5 in the tenth Turkish province where the earthquake occurred, and 2.5 in affected northern Syria. Until now, there is no specific number of children who died in this natural disaster, but the number of deaths has exceeded 40 thousand.

  Earthquake victims need urgent support:

Helping those affected by the earthquake is a great humanitarian challenge. These families have lost everything due to this earthly disaster. Some of them lost their homes, others their families. Their day-to-day needs such as food, clean water, clothing, and sanitary supplies are no longer available. This is a big problem, especially for children who find it difficult to adapt to such circumstances. Children in the affected areas are exposed to the risk of contracting diseases because of the severe cold that prevails in those areas, where temperatures drop below zero not to mention their need for clothes, nutritious food, and shelter.

  The challenges of the precedent are not fleeting, as this problem will take a long time to be solved. Due to the difficulty of returning to normal life quickly, because of the rubble and the great loss of buildings and lives. It requires a long time to rebuild the architectural, and psychological damage. Therefore the return of life to its previous state for the stricken families and their children is not within reach.

  It is worth noting that the situation in Syria is worse, as most of the aid does not reach the affected areas in northern Syria. Also, the rescue teams did not arrive in the first days after the earthquake, which posed great difficulty in the arrival of heavy machinery to recover the wounded and save lives.

The role of the child Appeal

  Immediate response to help the affected families is required. To overcome this difficult humanitarian crisis with the least damage to families and children. Child Appeal contributes, through its projects and campaigns, to help those affected by this devastating earthquake. The association launched a fundraising campaign to help the affected families. Contribute with us to alleviating the harm to the afflicted children and their families by donating to our campaign through the link

you can also donate through our Bank Account

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