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A devastating earthquake Today hits Turkey and northern Syria: protect your children

An earthquake today struck southern Turkey at 4:17 AM, leaving massive destruction and loss of life in both Turkey and northern Syria.

The earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter scale and a depth of 10 km, caused aftershocks that were felt in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Iraq. This earthquake caused great human losses, as it claimed the lives of nearly thousand and one hundred people and injured 2,332 in Turkey. In addition to the devastation, it left behind, it led to the demolition of hundreds of buildings in different states of southern Turkey.

Perhaps the most affected place also is the north of Syria, which was very close to the epicenter of the earthquake, where nearly a thousand people died under the rubble. This earthquake also led to the collapse of buildings on the heads of their residents. In addition to mass destruction in many villages. What exacerbates the situation in Syria is the lack of readiness of this region where the earthquake is located for disasters. The rescue teams are almost non-existent. The human losses are great, and a large number of children and families will likely be under the rubble, and there is no one to help them.

How to protect yourself and your children during earthquakes?

The protection of children and the elderly is a priority during earthquakes. Here are the necessary measures through which you protect yourselves and your children from the risk of earthquakes:
For residents of the ground floor, you must leave the house immediately and move away from the building to avoid falling on you
– Go to an open place away from trees and buildings and stay as far away from the sea as possible to avoid a tsunami
As for the residents of high floors, they must take shelter in the house, stay away from chandeliers, glass, and cabinets, and know the safest spots in the house
– After the earthquake ends, it’s advisable to evacuate the house and separate electricity, gas, and any flammable materials.
Protect children from tremors by covering their heads well and taking cover with them under a strong and sturdy table
– Instructions should be taught to children on what can calm them down and not scare them.

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