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Sunstroke and Heat Exhaustion: How to protect your child during summer?

In the summer, temperatures soar, which leads to potential health risks ranging from sunstroke and heat exhaustion.
Sunstroke is one of the most common health problems in the summer, as it occurs as a result of excessive exposure to the sun for long periods without proper protection. This phenomenon leads to the loss of large amounts of fluids and salts necessary for the body, which affects the ability to control the internal temperature and increases the risk of injury.

Heat Exhaustion occurs when the body is exposed to excessively hot and humid conditions and loses the ability to cool itself effectively. Heat stress usually accompanies a rise in body temperature and can lead to serious conditions such as fainting.

Avoiding sunstrokes and heat exhaustion: tips to take care of your child’s health in the summer

With the arrival of summer and the rise in temperatures, it becomes necessary to take the necessary precautions to protect your child’s health from sunstrokes and heat stress, as hot weather can greatly affect children’s health and comfort.

How do you protect your child?

First, be sure to provide shaded places to play and rest, whether it’s in the garden or on the beach. Shaded areas can help reduce children’s exposure to direct sunlight and thus reduce the possibility of sunstroke.

Secondly, choose suitable clothes for your child. It is preferable to wear light-colored clothing made of light fabrics that allow air to flow, which helps to cool the body and reduce the possibility of heat exhaustion.

Third, don’t forget to use sunscreen with a high protection rating. Sunscreen should be applied to the child’s skin about half an hour before he goes out into the sun, and reapplied regularly during the day, especially after swimming or excessive sweating.

Fourth, avoid exposing your children to the sun during its peak hours, which is usually between 10 am and 4 pm, when the sun is at its strongest, which increases the risk of sunstroke.

Finally, remember the importance of offering fluids regularly to children to keep their bodies hydrated. Liquids can include water and natural juices. Avoid juices that contain large amounts of added sugar.

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 heat exhaustion

Important tips for preventing heat exhaustion and protecting your child on summer days

Heat fatigue is a common problem in the summer, and is the result of excessive exposure to heat and the loss of large amounts of fluids and salts from the body. To protect your child from this threat, follow these steps:

1. Drink fluids regularly: Encourage your child to drink adequate amounts of water and natural fluids during the day. Avoid soft drinks and caffeinated drinks, as they increase fluid loss.

2. Comfort and ventilation: Make your child’s living space comfortable and well-ventilated. Use a fan or air conditioning if necessary, and loosen his clothes to keep his temperature from rising.

3. Rest and avoid overexertion: Avoid strenuous activities during the intense heat hours. Encourage your child to rest regularly and not to do any strenuous physical activity during hot times.

4. Light foods: Provide light and nutritious meals that contain fruits and vegetables. Avoid heavy and fatty foods that are difficult to digest in the heat.

5. Checking your child’s condition: Be vigilant and keep an eye on your child’s condition. If you notice any signs of heat exhaustion such as headache or general weakness, take action immediately.

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