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Summer allergy in children: How to help your children deal with allergy symptoms

Summer allergy appears in children in the summer in the form of pimples and a red rash in different places of the child’s body. Allergies are also a common problem that can affect your baby’s health and happiness. So it is important to be fully aware of its symptoms and ways to deal with it.

What is the cause of summer allergy in children?

Heat rash in children is a common condition that occurs when temperatures rise and humidity rises. It occurs as a result of clogged pores in the skin, which leads to sweat and moisture retention within the skin. This condition causes a rash to appear on the body, which is irritating, itchy, and red. Among the most important causes of heat rash in children:

Summer is characterized by high temperatures, and this increases the chance of heat rash in children, especially when they are in hot and closed places.

Clogged pores in the skin, prevent sweat from coming out and moisture remains inside the skin, which leads to the appearance of heat rash.

Using oily or greasy creams or lotions that block sweat pores.

Wearing clothing made of heavy fabrics that do not allow the skin to breathe can increase the risk of heat rash.

Direct exposure to sunlight and friction between the baby’s skin and clothing may cause heat rash.

What are the symptoms of summer allergy in children?

Summer allergy in children appears with a variety of symptoms and may differ from one child to another, depending on the type and severity of the allergy and the interaction of their immune system. Among the most prominent symptoms of summer allergy in children, we find:

Severe itching of the skin: The child may feel severe itching in various parts of the skin, especially around the face, hands, and feet.

Rash and redness of the skin: Parents may notice the appearance of a rash and redness on the child’s skin, and these rashes can be formed in the form of red spots or blisters, and these spots may also appear between the thighs and around the neck.

Tips for treating summer heat allergy in children?

Here are some tips for treating summer heat allergies in children:

1. Use an air conditioner or fan to reduce temperatures and humidity that may exacerbate summer allergy symptoms.

2. It is advised to avoid direct exposure to sunlight during hot and sunny times, especially at noon.

3. Take a cold shower or apply a damp cloth to the skin

5. Eat healthy foods: It is recommended to provide balanced meals rich in vitamins and minerals that promote healthy skin and respiratory systems.

6. Consult a doctor: If the symptoms of summer allergy worsen or persist for a long time, you should consult a specialist. The doctor can evaluate the condition and prescribe the appropriate treatment and medications for the child.

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