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Protecting children from heatwave frequency: 559 million children are at risk

The dangers are increasing day after day for children all over the world, due to the mistakes of adults who rarely realize their seriousness. Once again, the problem of climate change, which has never gone away, comes to the fore. Perhaps its manifestation in the last period is more due to our reaching the danger point that it warned of years ago.

The North and South Poles continue to melt and temperatures on the globe continue to rise, and the Earth’s natural air conditioners eliminate it. The first reason is emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases resulting from the industrial revolution. Some countries have taken measures to reduce the rate of temperature rise and thus slow climate change rather than stop it.

All this and other irresponsible human practices put the planet at greater risk as a result of the successive heat waves that hit.


How do heat waves affect children? And how dangerous is it?

High temperatures can kill infants. With the increase in the number of heatwave frequency that children are exposed to, the possibility of them suffering from future diseases and health problems such as asthma, heart disease, and blood vessels increases. The problem of high temperatures and heat waves increases the problems of nutrition and access to water.

This significant effect of heat waves on children is due to their poor ability to regulate their body temperature.


559 million children face heatwaves

That’s based on new UNICEF research and an additional 624 million children exposed to one of the other high temperatures.

The report stresses that by 2050, there will be 2.02 billion children in the world, all of whom will be at risk of heat waves. The average global temperature is rising by 1.7°C by 2050. This will increase the number of affected children from 538 million to 1.6 billion. If global warming reaches 2.4 degrees Celsius, the number of affected children will increase to 1.9 Billion.

This is what sounds like the alarm to urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions that harm our planet and threaten our existence and the lives of our children.

The heat waves that hit Europe last year and caused its rivers to dry up are the biggest evidence of the seriousness of the situation and the importance of the world taking measures to limit climate change.


Here are some ways we can protect children during high heatwave frequency:

Keep your children at home during heat waves, especially infants, away from the sun. This way you protect them from the side effects of harmful rays.

– In case you wanted to take your children out during heat waves. Apply sunscreen for them, and adhere to loose, light cotton clothing.

– Give the child large amounts of water to avoid dehydration, and stay away from soft drinks and sugars that increase dehydration percentage.


Child appeal charity through its projects and programs give a great importance to child protection. And It also urges parents to protect their children and provide a suitable environment for their healthy and natural growth.

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