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humanitarian crisis in Gaza
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Child Appeal responds to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Child Appeal responds to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza by providing medical relief project, that included an ambulance and quantities of medicines and medical supplies to the Gaza Strip. It is an important humanitarian initiative in response to the difficult conditions that the people of Gaza are experiencing as a result of the continuous bombing for 44 days. As part of this initiative, the association provided an ambulance equipped with the latest technologies to transport the injured, as well as a large number of medicines and vital medical supplies to hospitals in the Strip.

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This humanitarian project comes in light of the exceptional conditions that the Gaza Strip is going through, as hospitals are in dire need of medical equipment and rapid transportation for the injured. Thousands of children and women benefit from this initiative, as the ambulance contributes to transporting emergency cases efficiently and quickly, while medical supplies contribute to providing immediate care to the wounded.

In a related context, the residents of Gaza are living in a state of stifling humanitarian crisis, as bombing and attacks have continued for more than 45 days, resulting in the death of more than 12,000 martyrs and thousands of wounded, whose number exceeded 40,000, the majority of whom are children and women. Severe injuries, such as burns and shrapnel injuries, make the situation in Gaza critical and require immediate intervention.

Through gaza medical relief project, the Association seeks to provide the necessary support to hospitals and provide emergency medical care to the injured, focusing on the most vulnerable and influential groups and stressing the importance of humanitarian cooperation to help the people of Gaza in these difficult circumstances.


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