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Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: thousands of losses.

The tragedy caused by the earthquake that occurred on the sixth of February in Turkey and Syria at the beginning of this month is increasing. The Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority stated that this earthquake is the largest in the Anatolia region in two thousand years. The earth’s crust moved by 7.3 meters after shaking for two minutes during the earthquake at a depth between 8.5 and 10 km below the earth’s surface.

  Recent Statistics

  The latest statistics indicate that the death toll in the earthquake that occurred in southern Turkey and northern Syria exceeded 41 thousand people, and rescue teams in the two countries continue to search for more survivors, with diminishing hope of finding survivors after 11 days of the earthquake. The death toll is advancing hour by hour, with many bodies being pulled from under the rubble.

  Turkish statistics for the dead exceeded 35,000, while in Syria, the number reached nearly 6,000 dead and 7,386 wounded.

  Those who survived also face the problem of losing their home. The Turkish Minister of Interior stated that the earthquake had damaged 50% of the buildings in Hatay, and that they would remove 50% of the buildings in Antakya as they were no longer habitable.

  Children affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

  According to a United Nations report that shows the extent of damage among children in the earthquake zones, the report revealed that 7 million children were affected by the devastating earthquake that occurred in southern Turkey and northern Syria, and according to a spokesman for the United Nations Children’s Fund, the number of children in the ten Turkish states that were affected by As a result of the earthquake, 4.5 million children died. In addition to the 2.5 million Syrian children present in the affected areas.

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