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Direct Response Rampaign Campaign for the Earthquake Victims

A 7.4-magnitude earthquake with widespread destruction rocked several towns and cities in southern Turkey and northern Syria at 04:17 on February 6, 2023. Nine minutes later, at 04:26, another earthquake slammed the same region. Extensive destruction was caused in numerous cities and villages, as well as thousands of fatalities and injuries, many of whom are still buried beneath the wreckage, by more than 150 aftershocks collectively.

We started by organizing emergency relief initiatives and were successful in providing the victims with the following aid:

• 3,000 litres of fuel, and 150 tarpaulins, in addition to 3,000 prepared foods

• 1 000 food packages

• 500 quilts

• 500 bedframes

As it is a true catastrophe, we hope with your help to alleviate the suffering as much as we can.

Our teams are there and do their best effort, however, they need more supplies to help more victims.

The direct response campaign aims to afford the urgent needs of each family, especially the children, by giving them three mattresses, six blankets, three fresh and warm meals, a food basket, and three sets of warm clothing.

Aid is expected to be received by 300 beneficiary families in Syria and 300 in Turkey.

contribute with us trough the direct response campaign ‘s link

Emergency Response Campaign for the Families of Earthquake Victims in Turkey and Syria

Or through our Bank Account

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