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Concept of mental health and children

There is no doubt that the emergence of the term mental health is not new, but it has dominated the scene recently. As interest in it began to spread after the development of awareness among people in understanding its great importance. Which is no less important than physical health. A child’s mental health is a good and healthy development in various social, behavioral, emotional, and cognitive fields. Excessive concern for physical well-being without addressing mental can lead to an imbalance and vice versa.

Trauma recovery in children

How does mental health affect children?

There is no doubt that it has the great concern for children’s mental health stems from its great impact on the child’s life. Here are 4 examples of the ways it affects our children:

Academic performance:

Studies indicate that children with mental health problems face difficulties in focusing and learning. Which affects their performance in school and reduces their chances of success and concentration.

The child’s social relations:

Where mental health affects children’s social ability and the way they interact with others. For example, children with anxiety and depression are more withdrawn and less engaged with others. Which affects their social relationships.

Physical health:

As we mentioned earlier, mental health is the key to physical health. Damaged mental health will inevitably affect children’s physical well-being, as evidenced by the diseases suffered by children who have experienced psychological trauma. Such as stomach pain, headache, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, and weight.

Bad change in behavior and character:

This is one of the most common questions. Psychological trauma greatly affects the character of children, manifesting in behaviors such as violence towards others, reckless conduct, and social isolation.

What are the factors affecting mental health in children?

Multiple factors can negatively impact children, including:

Family problems at home:

such as parental separation or ongoing family problems that greatly affect children. Especially at a young age. As the house becomes a place full of bad vibes for children.
Traumatic events: such as the death of a relative, or a disaster that occurred in the home, such as a fire, traffic accident, etc.
Abuse of the child physically, verbally, or sexually


has a significant impact on children, as they are deprived of many things they want and may witness other children possessing. Additionally, poverty may force children to work in environments that are not suitable for their age, leading to friction with older individuals and an increased risk of harm.

What are the rules of mental health in children?

Children’s  rules are concerned with preserving their mental health to providing them with a positive environment through:
Maintain a positive relationship with your children: Parents and educators must provide a supportive and positive environment for children and communicate with them in a positive way that encourages them to be self-confident, learn and express the problems they face.

It is essential to ensure that children receive adequate rest, proper nutrition, and sufficient sleep. Furthermore, it is crucial to encourage children to engage in regular physical activity, sports, and play. These activities can significantly alleviate psychological stress that they may be exposed to.


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