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Trauma recovery in children

Children and adolescents experience many traumas throughout their lives. Although Trauma recovery is important to not can affect their mental and physical health. However, children can adapt and recover from trauma well when receiving the necessary support from psychologists, family, and the community.

Psychological trauma in children and adolescents

Psychological trauma may affect children exposed to it in many ways. He may feel fear and anxiety, muscle spasms, phobias, and extreme fatigue… It also affects his educational performance, social relations, and general health. It is difficult for a child to concentrate at school or to play with friends. Children and adolescents who have been subjected to psychological trauma often feel lost, isolated, and depressed… All of these influences greatly impede their normal life.

Types of psychological trauma

There are many types of psychological trauma that children can experience, including Trauma:

  • caused by violence: physical abuse, sexual violence, and psychological violence.
  • From natural disasters: These include earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and fires.
  • Resulting from the loss of a loved one: this can be due to death, divorce, separation, or moving to a new home or a new school.

Methods of treating mental disorders in children

Psychological disorders in children can be treated using many methods, including:

Emotional and Psychological  support: The child needs to feel support, attention, love, and care from the family and society. Psychological treatment and psychological counseling can also be provided by specialists in this field, to help the child recover and overcome the disorder and its effects.

In some serious cases, medications are used for pharmacological treatment to control psychological symptoms such as anxiety and fear. Antidepressants for post-traumatic stress disorder. Although medicines can be used to treat insomnia and nightmares, they do not cure trauma.

Life skills training: This therapy aims to teach the child skills and tools to deal with the problems and difficulties he faces in life.

Participation in social activities: Children affected by psychological trauma can participate in social, sports, and cultural activities, which in turn help them to know and discover themselves and interact with others.

Trauma Recovery

The recovery period for psychological trauma varies from one child to another. Some children take longer to recover than others. To get rid of and recover well, the necessary support and psychological attention must be provided to children affected by a mental disorder, in addition to providing a good and appropriate environment for recovery. To enhance the health of children, it is essential to provide appropriate and effective psychological support, as it is an integral part of their general healthcare.

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