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Childhood nutrition is a key for a healthy life

Good nutrition for children is the key to general health, which forms the basis for healthy, mental, and psychological development. It includes the correct selection of foods, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, good fats, and milk. Foods rich in fiber, such as zinc, iron, glucose, dairy, healthy oils, fresh fruits, and vegetables, increase intelligence in children.

  What diseases result from incorrect childhood nutrition?

If proper nutrition is the main condition for maintaining the general health of children, incorrect nutrition is the prerequisite for many serious diseases. As it leads to many negative effects on the health of children, including infection with:

Diseases caused by food, such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Skin diseases, such as skin dryness and acne.

Mental illnesses, such as personality disorders and other mental disorders.

Muscular diseases, such as muscle weakness and inability to move properly.

Proper childhood nutrition of children, is threatened by poverty

With the scarcity of food for poor children in the Middle East and North Africa. Here are the negative effects of incorrect nutrition on children:

  • Lack of energy: Constant hunger leads to muscular weakness and body weakness, and it affects the vital capacity of children.
  • Deficiency in healthy food: Unbalanced foods may lead to a deficiency of essential nutrients for children, such as fiber, iron, zinc, glucose, dairy, healthy oils, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. Which may lead to many diseases resulting from a lack of food.
  • Lack of physical development: Constant hunger may lead to delays in physical growth, muscular weakness, severe weakness, and poor movement. Which affects the general health of children.
  • Difficulty in learning: Constant hunger affects memory, concentration, productivity, and achievements, all of which lead to difficulty in learning and concentration.

The role of Child Appeal

Avoiding all these negative effects in a poor environment is considered one of the great challenges that most people in the Middle East face. Especially in conflicted areas such as Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon. Therefore, helping these families to ensure a healthy life for their children and their proper development is one of the Foundation’s priorities. Child Appeal works to help poor children, orphans, and the needy without distinguishing between their nationalities. We work to bridge the gap caused by the poverty that most families suffer from in our work areas through our seasonal projects.

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