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The Hunger is Eating from the bodies of children

Hunger threatens the lives of children in the Middle East and North Africa

The world suffers from major economic problems, as many great countries have begun to ration their use of fuel, foodstuffs, and others.

These problems, which are recently spreading in strong economic countries, are getting worse in poorer countries for many years. Many middle eastern countries have been suffering from severe food shortages for a long time, and it is getting worse with time.

How do people and children live, especially in conflicted areas and poorer countries?

According to a UNICEF report, the escalating food crisis has pushed 160,000 children to suffer from severe waste, the crisis comes at a greater rate in 15 countries, including the countries of the Horn of Africa and the Middle East.

What makes the situation worse is the food crisis that is taking place due to the war between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine and Russia are considered among the most important exporters of wheat and energy supplies. In addition to the drought that hits many countries due to climate change.

All this and more have repercussions on children in the Middle East. Children in conflicted areas suffer more than in any other region in the world. The nutrition of children in the Middle East and North Africa has deteriorated since 2000 until today, according to a UNICEF report issued the year 2019.

It is worth noting that poverty rates have risen in the last two years due to many geographic and political factors, which raise the rates of hungry children more and more.

 What is happening in Lebanon?

Lebanon joined the suffering in the past two years when the deterioration began in 2019 eating the pockets of citizens and residents. Lebanon is going through an economic crisis that it has not witnessed since the years of war, which brings down more than half of its population below the extreme poverty line, which makes the future of an entire generation of children at risk with the continued deterioration of conditions and the high exchange rate of the dollar against the Lebanese pound.

 A significant number of children are not getting nutritious meals during their day due to the global food crisis.


How do we help hungry children?

The Child Appeal Appeal is intensifying its efforts to help these children in several areas. The association works on projects to distribute food parcels to poor and orphaned children. 

The Child Appeal Charity is also working in partnership with other associations. And it joins the membership of OCHA to attract new strategies and new relationships and expand work and help children in all aspects, especially helping them with the food boxes, which is a basic and urgent need.

In its turn, the Child Appeal Charity invites you to help these children by donating via the following link and helping us to reach more children in different regions.

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