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“Child Appeal” visits orphans in southern Turkey

“Child Appeal” association, represented by its director “Dr. Hamed Abu Shaweesh”, and the “Orphans Program” authorized in the association “Ismail Haraz”, visited areas in southern Turkey to observe Syrian refugee’s families.

The visit aims to verify the received information about 200 Syrian orphans located in those areas, to include them within the (orphans program) implemented by the association.

After detection and scrutiny, the “Child Appeal” association, in cooperation with its partners, decided to include about (200 orphan) in the  in early 2022.

Thus, the “Child Appeal” Association provides many children supportive services in the Middle East and Africa, while it focuses its efforts on orphans. The program includes multiple services, such as sponsoring orphaned children on a monthly and permanent basis, in addition to educational guarantees and seasonal project programs, etc… to secure a safe childhood that helps them build a promising future.

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