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Child Appeal Supports Education for orphans Children in Gaza Strip

Child Appeal Charity implemented a school project to Support Education for orphans Children in Gaza Strip. The charity provided the necessary support for 24 children from poor and needy families to enable them to study well and continuously. The project included the distribution of necessary stationery and school supplies to children. As the charity provided the necessary pens, notebooks, and textbooks, to encourage children to study and enhance their chances of obtaining a quality education. You can also Check Child Appeal returns 120 refugee children to school Many parents have praised the efforts of the Child Appeal and its humanitarian initiatives. In fact, That contribute to improving the conditions of disadvantaged children in society. Which contributes to creating opportunities and hope for a better future for them. The children in the Gaza Strip are experiencing difficult and tragic conditions. Particularly due to the ongoing tensions and wars in the region. The ongoing conflict adversely affects them, exposing them to numerous risks and challenges, including shortages of basic necessities like water, electricity, and food. They also face the mental and physical health effects of the conflict. Therefore, supporting Education for orphans in Gaza in particular is of great importance. The humanitarian initiatives implemented by the Child Appeal can contribute to improving the reality of children and alleviating some of their suffering. More support and assistance must be provided by the international community to the children in Gaza. To improve their living and educational conditions, and to ensure their rights and safety are protected at all times.

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