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Child Appeal is launching its international volunteer team

Child Appeal announced the launch of its charitable international volunteer team in several different countries in the Middle East, to contribute to its various activities inside and outside Turkey.
The director of the institution, Dr. Hamed Abu Shawish said that this step came from the Foundation’s belief in the importance of working with young people, to enrich their social spirit and increase cooperation between members of society, as the participants will be able to engage in charitable activities with children.
Abu Shawish confirmed that dozens of volunteers joined this team in several countries, including Turkey, Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria, which fulfills the Foundation’s ambition for the team to be effective in supporting the Foundation’s various activities.
volunteering benefits are numerous including, self-realization and enhancing a sense of belonging, as well as developing networking and communication skills and acquiring new skills that help get rid of negative feelings and enhance self-confidence.
It is noteworthy that the door to volunteering in the Foundation is still open from anywhere in the world via the following link:

Form link

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