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“Eid Clothing” project for children in northern Syria

The “Child Appeal Charity” has implemented the “Eid Clothing” project for children in northern Syria. The targeted children have suffered deprivation for a long time and are living in difficult conditions.. The charity continues its humanitarian efforts to bring happiness and joy into the lives of children in northern Syria through a series of “Eid Clothing” projects.

These projects include the distribution of new clothes and shoes to children. Who are deprived and facing difficulties in northern Syria. These initiatives aim to bring back smiles to the faces of children. And joy to their hearts during their Eid celebrations.

The beneficiary children and their families expressed gratitude to everyone who contributed to this project. And helped provide the joy of Eid to their children.

The “Child Appeal Charity” emphasizes that these projects are an integral part of its humanitarian vision and efforts. To meet the needs of deprived children and bring happiness and hope into their lives.

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