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5 Healthy Meal Ideas and 5 to Avoid for School-Going Children

Proper nutrition is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle for our children. One of the most important times when children need to eat a healthy meal is while they are at school. Parents must be careful and prepared to provide nutritious healthy meal ideas to their children to ensure their healthy growth and development.

Healthy meal ideas for kids for school

Here is a group of ideas for healthy meals that you can prepare and send with your children to school.

1. Peanut butter:

    Peanut butter is an excellent source of protein and healthy fats. You can put it on whole wheat bread or crackers to prepare a delicious and energy-rich sandwich. Adding some slices of fruit like banana or apple with it can be a great option.

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2. Toast with honey:

    Slices of toast with a drizzle of honey are a quick and delicious option. Honey gives the meal a natural sweet flavor without the need for added sugar, and slices of whole wheat toast provide children with fiber and healthy carbohydrates.

3. Oats with milk and banana:

    You can prepare a bowl of oatmeal with milk and cut bananas over it. This option is rich in fiber and essential nutrients that children need to grow and concentrate in school.

4. Cheese sandwich with vegetables:

    Serve a sandwich made of wholemeal bread with slices of cheese and your children’s favorite vegetables, such as cucumbers and tomatoes. This meal provides protein from the cheese and vitamins and fiber from the vegetables.

5. Whole grain flakes:

    Whole grain flakes are an easy-to-prepare snack that children love. Look for options that are the right consistency and low in added sugar and read product ingredients carefully.

These healthy meals will help provide your children with the energy and nutrients necessary to be active and ready to learn at school.

Unhealthy Foods to Avoid Sending with Your Child to School

Below is a list of some unhealthy foods that you should avoid and not send with your children to school, in addition to some healthy alternatives that can be replaced with them:

1. Processed meat:

    Processed meats such as sausages and hot dogs contain high amounts of sodium and preservatives. It can be replaced with grilled chicken slices or natural steaks prepared at home.

2. Cakes and biscuits from the supermarket:

    Cakes and biscuits bought from the supermarket contain large amounts of added sugar and preservatives. You can prepare cakes and biscuits at home using natural and low-sugar ingredients.

Healthy Meal Ideas

3. Chips and French fries:

    These meals contain large amounts of salt and saturated fat. Alternatively, it can be replaced with natural homemade popcorn or baked potato slices.

4. Canned juices:

    Packaged juices are high in sugar and preservatives and lack health benefits. It is best to offer children fresh natural juices or water.

5. Chocolate spread:

Chocolate spread is high in sugar and fat, and should be served with caution. You can consider melted chocolate an option for occasional indulgence in moderate quantities, or replace it with a healthy home-cooked meal such as fruit yogurt.

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By choosing healthy foods and avoiding unhealthy options, you will contribute to improving your children’s health and ensuring they are provided with food that enhances their growth and concentration while they are at school.

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