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35 days into the war on Gaza: A child loses his life every 10 minutes

The number of victims of the war on Gaza is rising hour after hour, as the Gaza Strip. Which is considered the largest crowded area in the world, has not stopped shooting for 35 consecutive days, leaving behind tens of thousands of victims. 10,812 people were martyred, 4,412 of whom were children and 2918 women, representing 67% of the victims were children and women. In addition to 26 Thousands wounded.

  Restricted aid access and humanitarian situation

  Only a few days after the start of the war on Gaza, the situation began to get worse for the Strip’s 2.3 million people, 50% of whom are children. The humanitarian situation has reached low levels as a result of cutting off electricity and gas and preventing the arrival of humanitarian aid. In addition to preventing the entry of fuel into the Strip. Also, the Rafah crossing allows only a small number of aid trucks to arrive, which is not enough to help the large number in Gaza.

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  As for water, potable water stations were affected and production stopped, falling to less than 5% of previous production due to fuel shortages, bombing of stations, etc… Drinking water became scarce, in addition to the difficulty of accessing it and the long wait for hours to obtain a small quantity of it, as the people of the Gaza Strip They drink salty water from the Gaza Sea or well water that is not suitable for drinking, and this indicates health problems for a large number of children and people.

  The Director of Emergencies at the United Nations World Food Program said: “Before October 7, 33% of Gaza’s population suffered from food insecurity in the Strip… We can safely say that 100% of them now suffer from it.”

  Medical facilities in the Gaza Strip were greatly affected by the targeting of hospitals and the shortage of medicines and medical beds. As the number of victims exceeded the hospitals’ capacity. According to the Palestinian News Agency, 18 hospitals in Gaza have been out of service since the start of the aggression on October 7th. In addition, children in the Gaza Strip suffer from burns, wounds, and shrapnel wounds. As a result of the bombing, to the point that many of them have lost their limbs.

  It should be noted that the targeting affected the camps that are considered the most densely populated. According to UNICEF, refugee camps, internally displaced populations, and the civilians who live in them are all protected under international humanitarian law, and the parties to the conflict must respect them and protect them from attack.

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