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Oral and dental health in children

 Oral and dental health are considered one of the pillars of health that must be maintained from the beginning of their appearance in children. It is very important to teach your child and accustom him to keeping his mouth and teeth clean. To prevent it from getting cavities and other problems. The best strategy to combat dental problems is to teach children healthy habits to maintain oral health from an early age.

Dental care method

  A healthy mouth is not only a mouth with white teeth, but the health of the gums and tongue is an essential factor in oral health. It is normal for a healthy mouth to have white teeth and flushed gums that are free of tartar and do not bleed when using the brush, and a healthy mouth enjoys fresh breath.

  Children need to brush their teeth with an age-appropriate toothbrush. They must learn the correct and manual way to brush their teeth. A good toothbrush also plays a big role in dental hygiene.

  It is also necessary to choose the appropriate toothpaste for children and consult a doctor about the appropriate brand. It is recommended to use floss and teach them to use it since childhood, after they reach four years of age while paying close attention to not injuring the gums and using it safely and correctly.

  Children’s teeth should be cleaned three times a day using a brush and toothpaste, with a small amount not exceeding a pea. These three times are the number of three meals, taking care not to keep food residue in the teeth and cleaning them well. It is very important not to forget to clean the tongue and molars at the appropriate angles.

  The infant’s gums must also be cleaned with gauze.

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How do you recognize tooth decay and what causes it?

  Tooth decay is difficult to detect with the naked eye at first and is often detected by visiting the doctor periodically. Dental problems begin in children if you notice that their teeth are not sparkling white or even yellow with yellow or black borders on the teeth. This is usually the beginning of the appearance of tooth decay, and tooth decay occurs due to several factors, most notably not cleaning the mouth and gums after each meal or cleaning them incorrectly. In addition to consuming foods rich in sugars and unhealthy foods. A child’s diet is an important factor in oral and dental health.

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