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physical activities - النشاط البدني للاطفال

Encouraging Children to Engage in Physical Activities

How can parents encourage their children to practice Physical Activities?

Create a weekly schedule for Physical Activities program that suits your child’s age and physical abilities. You can use a coach to create this schedule. Choose simple physical activities such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator and cycling with the family. It also encourages adopting a healthy lifestyle in the family, with parents being role models for their children. You can also constantly modify and change your exercise activities to avoid boredom. Encouraging children to play sports is an opportunity to develop positive character traits and gain multiple values, from learning team spirit and the benefits of social interaction to enhancing their self-esteem and learning from sporting experiences.

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physical activities - النشاط البدني للاطفال

The importance of physical activity for children

1. Promotes physical health:

Physical activity contributes to developing children’s movement skills, enhances heart health and muscle building, maintains a healthy child’s weight, and reduces chronic pain, as physical activity contributes to the secretion of happiness hormones such as endorphins and serotonin, which are known to relieve pain.

2. Improve brain functions:

Physical activity improves and develops the brain, which contributes to strengthening mental functions and increasing the size of the hippocampus, which is an area in the brain associated with learning and memory and helps in the secretion of chemicals that improve the growth and health of brain cells.

3. Connect with new friends:

Practicing physical activities helps to meet new children and build strong social relationships, especially in group games such as basketball, which expands the circle of friendships.

4. Increasing the child’s self-confidence:

Physical activity contributes to increasing the child’s self-confidence, as he feels proud of his body’s capabilities, contributes to building a positive image of himself, and enhances self-confidence.

physical activities - النشاط البدني للاطفال

How do I choose appropriate sports activities for my child?

  Here are some tips to help you choose sports activities appropriate for your age.

1. For children under 5 years:

    – Children at this age can play team sports for fun.

    The main goal is to play, not to compete.

    Children at this age often love water sports, such as blowing bubbles and exploring swimming.

2. For children aged 6-8 years:

    – Throwing and passing balls and performing gymnastic exercises.

    – Riding a two-wheeled bicycle.

3. For children aged 9-11 years:

    – Hit and throw the baseball accurately.

    – Encouraging competition if they are interested.

4. For children aged 12-14 years:

    – May children at this age focus on strength exercises and muscle building.

    -You should avoid lifting heavy weights until they reach puberty.

5. For children 15 years or older:

    – After puberty, they can start lifting weights carefully.

    It is preferable to take lessons with a weightlifting expert to avoid injuries.

The choice of sports activities depends on the age group and personal interests and is key to encouraging children to be physically active in a sustainable manner.

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