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Sweet Baskets for orphaned children

Eid in Arab countries doesn’t complete without a dessert table filled with sweets and love. On the night of Eid, mothers make many types of desserts, such as Maamoul, Ghriba, and cakes, and the father takes them to the oven of the village.
And since many children have lost their parents, there is no one to make that table of joy for them, that is why Child Appeal Charity launched the “Eid Sweet Baskets for Orphaned Children” project, which aims to distribute delicious dessert boxes to orphaned children.
And to add some love to the sweet baskets, this project will be held in cooperation with widowed mothers who will make these desserts, to help them improve their livelihood.

Contribute with us and let’s help the widowed mother, and make the orphans happy on Eid Al-Adha.

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