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Wars end, but their impact remains on those who suffered from and still suffering. Some people lost a relative or a dear friend, and lots of them lost a part of their body. Wars do not remain in the memories of individuals only, but they also mark imprinted on their bodies that will remain in their memory.
Successive wars in many countries have left many people suffering, leaving them with permanent disabilities, and depriving them of their normal lives.
However, the solutions to such problems are very costly, especially since special needs tools are considered expensive for people who live in conflicted areas. Its lack of availability, threatens a social catastrophe for this class, as it prevents them from integrating into society and hinders their normal, professional and practical life. All these conditions result in a new generation of people with special needs suffering from psychological diseases. In addition to the social isolation they live in, they will also be facing the difficulty of practicing their normal life.
In the context of assisting these people, the “Child Appeal Charity” launches the “Special Needs Tools” project for those affected by the war.
Help them overcome their difficulties.
And participate with us in helping children with special needs and providing them with the necessary tools.

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