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Help students to return school

On the behalf of its humanitarian work and in its constant endeavor to help children and orphans, the “Child Appeal Charity” launches the “Back to School project”. The project includes providing school uniforms, bags, and stationery for orphaned children, to to help students and the needy families educate their children.
The most exciting thing about school returning for students is the new school uniform, stationery, and new pens. These small things amaze the child the most and raise his enthusiasm to start a new year, a new class, and a new stage. It begins with the hope of a better and more beautiful tomorrow.
But in countries of conflict and need, where orphans are a large percentage, it is not hidden from one of the financial difficulties faced by the sponsors of these orphans and their families. The majority of orphaned families suffer to obtain a living other than those other living requirements, that has become expensive and their cost is almost It is difficult for them, and this constitutes a great challenge for them, as many children, whether they are poor or poor orphans, often resort to leaving school and going to work at an early age instead of attending school in an attempt to secure their livelihood and to help their breadwinners bear the living expenses.

Successive problems are afflicting children in our Arab regions, and the best solution remains to realize the problems and solve them before they worsen in the future.

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