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Pocket Money for Orphans

Children wait for Eid every year, hoping to collect the largest amount of money with which they will buy sweets, toys, and things they dream of all year round, or even visit the amusement parks and take a walk.
The day of Eid is considered the day of giving. The adults prepare the money for the children before the Eid, and the youngsters sleep waiting for the money time after the Eid prayer. Here begins the march of happiness on their feast. New clothes, a wallet full of money, and an atmosphere that instills joy and happiness in their hearts, so we see the smile of childhood on their faces, and we see the joy in their eyes.
In every neighborhood in this world, some children have lost a parent, and they also have lost joy and happiness. In addition to the difficult conditions that they suffer from, and the bleak life that fills their days, the day of Eid comes to be like the rest of the days that pass, with no new clothes or pocket money, no joy or laughter.
And to make them happy on this special day, Child Appeal implements the Project “Pocket Money for Orphans”.
What do you think about being a reason to wake up these children on the day of Eid with a smile embracing their little faces? Donate now and help us to reach more orphans.

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