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Eid Food Baskets for Orphans’ Families

It is no longer a secret to anyone that the looming global food security crisis threatens to cause famines, especially in poor countries. The rise in prices globally has led to an increase in the poverty rate in many countries. However, it has become difficult for families to secure basic materials that ensure proper food for their children, which puts them at risk of malnutrition and health problems.
As the future of these children is based on several basic things, including proper food and good health.
It is our priority to make the children happy during their Eid and alleviating the burden on their families is our responsibility. “Child Appeal Charity” implemented a “food baskets project” for the families of orphaned and poor children, which will help families and alleviate the economic suffering in these difficult situations.

Contribute with us and let’s deliver the largest amount food baskets for orphaned families.

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