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Eid is the toys box in every child’s hands, it is hearing the laughter of children as you walk in the streets and roads and feel their happiness in every house and alley.
Children wait for Eid every year with great hope to achieve their dreams and enjoy it, so you learn that one of them postpone the purchase of a toy and the other waits for Eid to go to the amusement parks. Eid for children is the day when dreams come true, and it is the joy of the young before the old. However, the parents won’t be happy without seeing their children happy.
However, on all occasions, many children who live in areas that rob them of happiness, comfort, and tranquility, where wars and conflicts prevents their happiness.

During the Eid, and while all the children around the world are happy with their toys, there are children whose parents find it difficult to afford such toys, as they are considered luxuries for needy, poor and orphans families. Those families suffer from severe financial hardship, so their only concern is to secure their daily food and that their children do not sleep hungry.
Therefore, “Child Appeal Charity” took the initiative, to launch its project to distribute gifts and toys box to those children. Child Appeal aims to draw a smile on their faces during their feast.
Contribute with us, and let’s make the children happy and donate to the “Eid Al-Adha toys box for Poor Children and Orphans” project.

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