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Distributing Hygiene Baskets to Orphans Families

Refugee camps in different countries suffer from a great marginalization at various levels until this day, especially in terms of infrastructure and sanitation. These cause many health problems, as its residents live in conditions that are not suitable for life, lack hygiene resources, besides the difficulty of providing clean water and the difficulty of disposal Solid waste and the lack of sanitary bathrooms in many of them, all lead to many health problems. These conditions affect their health and aid the spread of diseases and epidemics among tent residents
Hence the an urgent need to establish projects that limit these diseases, prevent their occurrence, solve the problem and help the people.
It is worth noting that the first people affected by such diseases are children, as their immunity system is weak, which makes their lives threatened and in danger.
Child Appeal Charity launches a project to distribute a “Hygiene Baskets to orphan families” in the camps to help parents create a healthy and clean environment free of infectious and diseases, to protect their children and preserve their health.
Contribute with us to alleviate the suffering of families in the tents and donate now.

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