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Barbecue Trips

Barbecue Trips for Orphans

Since we were young, we have been waiting for the holiday to go out for a trip with the family. The barbecue trips are a weekly tradition for Arab families, where the families go out to hold a barbecue parties outside. It is a kind of discharging the negative energy of the week, and it is also a place of joy for the children. Many families may find picnics a space to enjoy nature and the fresh air after a hard week at work or school, where the family can share food and laughter in a fun family atmosphere.

However, families of orphans are incapable of giving their children this weekly joy, so we must make them happy on Eid al-Adha.
Child Appeal Charity implements the project “Barbecue picnics on Eid Al-Adha for orphans.” The project includes an entertaining and educational session for children. Integrate into their community with all affection. This project is part of a series of Eid Al-Adha projects, where Child Appeal Charity aims to make children happy on their Eid. we believe in the beautiful psychological impact that will leave such a picnic on their souls.

Contribute with us and let’s make the barbecue trips for orphans real!

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