Child Appeal Charity

Program to support displaced patients in Egypt

An appeal to patients and their companions affected in Egypt by the recent events in Gaza

With the ongoing war in Gaza since October 2023, residents are exposed to increasingly difficult and deteriorating conditions. This includes economic decline affecting daily life, as they face difficulties in accessing basic livelihoods such as food, shelter, and healthcare. In addition, Gaza’s infrastructure is suffering from widespread destruction, making it more difficult to provide basic services, such as clean water, electricity, medical care, and hospitalization.

As a result of these conditions in Gaza, many people and families have migrated to Egypt in search of safety and medical treatment. These families face great challenges in adapting to a new life in another country, as they lack the resources necessary to secure their daily needs. In addition, many displaced people suffer from psychological trauma as a result of losing their homes and families.

In line with the spirit of solidarity and humanitarian assistance, the Child Appeal Charity seeks to provide support and assistance to families displaced from Gaza to Egypt. The association aims to provide these families with the necessary support, including medical, food, and financial assistance. Child Appeal also works to provide psychological and social support programs for those in need, to help them adapt to the new challenges they face.

If you need help, You can fill out this form . Accepted applications will be contacted to provide them with appropriate assistance.

Together, we make a difference and provide support to those who need it in these difficult circumstances.