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the war on gaza

The war on Gaza after 2 months

On the sixty-sixth day of the war on the Gaza Strip. The intensity of the aggression is increasing and the tragic humanitarian conditions are worsening. In light of the continued bombing and attacks, the death toll rose to terrifying numbers, reaching on this day 18,000 martyrs and 49,000 wounded. The aggression caused massive destruction, and the government media office in the Gaza Strip revealed that 61% of homes were destroyed in the past 66 days. The announcement confirmed that the occupation destroyed more than 305,000 housing units, affecting thousands of buildings.

As a result of the war on gaza, these attacks and the destruction of homes, more than one and a half million refugees live in dangerous and difficult conditions. The deterioration of living conditions is accelerating, with a lack of shelter and the spread of diseases and epidemics, as the winter season approaches. The crisis is being accelerated by access restrictions and deprivation of civilians of food, water, and treatment, as well as disruptions to electricity and fuel supplies. According to UN reports, the situation indicates that 97% of Gaza’s groundwater is unfit for human consumption.

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The reality of the children of Gaza:

The reality of the children of Gaza represents a tragic picture of their daily lives, as they suffer from an acute shortage of clean water supplies and the absence of the necessary health care that protects them from the imminent risk of death as a result. In her conversation with Al Jazeera, a UNICEF spokeswoman pointed out the need to allow safe and unconditional aid access to all parts of the Strip, to meet the needs of children and civilians. She stressed that there is no safe place in the Strip.

What the children of Gaza suffer goes beyond the imagination of the mind, as some have undergone very difficult surgeries, such as amputation and incision, in difficult areas of their bodies without the use of drugs.Unfortunately, many newborns tragically lost their lives as they did not receive the necessary medical care after birth. Additionally, some premature children did not secure a suitable place in the nursery, and many of them lost their lives. Currently, thousands are residing in shelters exposed to bombing, which are not suitable for living. Hundreds of people share these centers and wait impatiently to enter the bathroom, in addition to an acute shortage of food and water in these places, as refugees find themselves forced to sleep on the floor.

The suffering of children in the post-war period

The post-war suffering of children in Gaza is characterized by extremely difficult psychological conditions, as the impact of the war on them manifests itself in tragic ways. Thousands of children who survived face enormous psychological challenges as a result of the shocking sights and sounds of bombing and the severe decrease in their standard of living.

Children who survived the post-war period suffer from serious psychological and mental disorders, as fear and anxiety appear on their faces, and they suffer from insecurity and dread. They miss out on educational opportunities and miss the friends they lost in those tragic events.

The psychological and physical challenges for these children include the loss of a family member or parent and in some cases the loss of limbs or physical burns that leave permanent scars. They also suffer from the psychological effects of post-traumatic stress, as many suffer from sleep disorders and mental stress, which affects their mental and physical development. Delayed mental and physical development appears, with increasing cases of depression and phobia, and recurrence of panic attacks, bed-wetting, and night nightmares that reflect the severity of the psychological trauma they have experienced.

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