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Visiting orphans who participated in vocational training in Lebanon

Child Appeal visiting orphans who had benefited from vocational training for a month and a half through courses in cooking and hairdressing.
Dr. Hamed Abu Shawish, Director of the Child Appeal Association during his visit, made sure that the students benefited from these courses. The students were able to work after completing these courses and acquiring the skills required for the labor market.
It is worth noting that the training helped the beneficiaries because they can now help their families with expenses and thus alleviate the family’s economic problems through good and safe jobs for them.
Child Appeal Foundation aims to help orphaned students and their families to overcome the difficulties of economic and life living. As a result of the children and their mothers after the death of their breadwinner. It also aims to protect children from destitution, school dropouts, and work in jobs that are not suitable for them or their mental and physical health.

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