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Garden Games for People with Special Needs

(People with special needs) is a term that expresses a segment of society suffering from difficulties and differences. These differences inhibit their normal lives, and they make them in need for special care that differ from other humans.
This category is classified as marginalized groups in society because they do not get everything like others people. They are usually exposed to some kind of discrimination and a lack of acceptance in society.
Children of this group suffer from bullying and ostracism, which makes it difficult for them and their fathers to appear in society, as this group avoids social integration, which increases psychological pressure on them.
The playing areas for people with disabilities are designated or scarce in many areas.
In its endeavor to integrate children with special needs into society and help them overcome their psychological problems, the project “Garden Games for people with special needs” is launched by the “Child appeal charity”. The Charity is seeking to create a safe play area of garden games for these children, which will enhance their self-confidence and help them integrate and break the isolation in which they live.
Contribute with us, and let’s make the children with special needs happy on Eid-Al-Adha and donate to create their own play space.

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