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Medical Relief project in Gaza

Medical Relief project in Gaza is an urgent project for the Palestinian people. Because they are experiencing a growing number of tragedies due to rampant unemployment. With almost half of the population unable to work and earn a living, and a poverty rate of approximately 65%. As a result, nearly 80% of Palestinian families depend on humanitarian aid from donors and charitable institutions to survive.

Medical Relief project

The Child Appeal Charity takes upon itself the help of needy families. The Foundation, in cooperation with Life Relief and Development, implemented a project to support the Palestinian Ministry of Health with medicines “Gaza Medical Relief” to provide relief and service to poor patients in the Gaza Strip, and to provide them with the necessary medicines and treatments. The difficulty of the siege suffered by the people of the Gaza Strip. In addition to the frequent wars, makes the people in distress, helpless, and in poverty. The medical relief project aims to help patients in the Gaza Strip and provide them with free medicine, in addition to providing medicines that are not available in Gaza, to help them overcome the difficulty of securing expensive medicine.


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