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Glasses Project For Children

Child Appeal Charity always works to create happiness in the hearts of poor children and orphans through its projects that seek to secure their basic needs, specifically their health needs.
Therefore, the charity implemented the “Glasses Project For Children” to distribute eyeglasses to 50 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. Refugees in various countries suffer from financial difficulties that prevent them and their children from obtaining adequate health care. The hard conditions negatively affect the health of the refugees and their children and hinder their normal life and healthy living.
“Glasses Project For Children” was held after examining several children to ensure that they have vision problems, and it is worth noting that vision problems greatly affect their school life and cause them long-term life problems if they didn’t fix them at an early age.
This project was a new ray of hope for children and a basic health need.
The projects of the Child Appeal Charity come from the urgent need for children at all levels of health, social, psychological, and life.

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