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Gender based violence child protection
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Gender based violence Child Protection

Gender-based violence GBV and Child protection

Gender-based violence is defined as any harmful act that comes outside a person’s control. It is based on the differences that society establishes between the male and female genders, this made the child protection.

This violence is divided into five sections

According to the literature of the United Nations Population Fund UNFPA, which are:

  • Physical violence
  • Sexual violence
  • Psycho-emotional violence
  • Economic violence
  • Harmful traditional practices

School violence is one of the most common forms of violence around the world.Gender-based violence affects millions of children, families, and communities, as per UNESCO. Such violence results in adverse impacts on children’s lives.

School violence takes many forms, such as:

Psychophysical violence:

Especially when it takes a gendered character, such as separating children according to their gender or because of existing societal norms through differentiating between genders in schools and the way of education that is in one way or another closely linked to the teachers who belong to this community.

Sexual and gender-based violence:

In fact, perpetrators impose sexual acts on children by force, coercion, threat, or surprise, causing long-term mental health consequences that continue into adulthood and can even affect the next generation. These violent practices of sexual violence affect children and can be transmitted to their offspring.

Gender-based violence often takes place in schools in different forms, including rape and harassment, the sharing of incriminating text messages, pornographic images, and videos between children and other individuals.

It is worth noting that girls are more exposed to sexual violence in schools than boys and suffer from far-reaching health and psychological effects.

According to UNESCO, the impact of violence on gender is as follows:

  • Low self-esteem and depression
  • Early and unintended pregnancy
  • Sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV
  • Impact on educational outcomes and even consider dropping out

Gender based violence Child Protection: Help your Child

One of the most important things that help children avoid violence is educating them to understand gender-based violence, the differences that society makes based on gender, and the societal fallacies that society cultivates in our minds since childhood.

However, this awareness comes through first educating children to understand violence and its types. Individuals often expose children to harmful violence without realizing or being aware that their actions are violent and impacting the children’s lives.

Raising awareness about gender-based violence among students is an essential responsibility of teachers. However, a significant portion of teachers lacks knowledge about gender-based violence and requires information and motivation to educate their students on this issue.

At home, parents have a key role in helping their children understand their rights, helping them overcome any problem, containing them, and believing them.Children often report harassment to their parents, highlighting the crucial role parents play in comprehending the minor details shared by their children or assisting them in revealing any emotional changes they may be experiencing.

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